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Ivy league dating service

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I spoke to The League’s boss lady Amanda to get the skinny on the app—and how I can get off the notorious wait list (on which I am #113,364! I created The League because I had never done online dating before -- and when I tried it, I was incredibly disappointed in the dating apps.

First, my dating profile was blasted to anyone and everyone, so coworkers, business connections, and Facebook friends were all swiping at me. That was not cool (especially as I worked with a bunch of dudes and my dating profile was not exactly how I wanted them to think about me).

The highly-selective app launched in San Francisco earlier this year and has been rolled out in New York City.

Founded by Stanford grad Amanda Bradford, The League breaks through the clutter of millions of daters and searches for ambitious professionals. Using a secret algorithm, The League scans your Facebook and Linked In profiles—you input both when you sign up--to determine whether you’re one of the chosen people.

Second, the guys I saw on the app were not the kind of guys I was interested in dating - to be totally frank.

Half of them were backpackers/tourists in town for the weekend looking for a girl to meet up with, and the others, well, let's just say it was questionable as to their intelligence and/or ambition level.

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Aaron got into Stanford, where he might attend with Nick - unless Nick decides to choose Duke or Georgetown.

Quintuplets are already uncommon but the Wade brothers - Aaron, Nick, Nigel and Zachary - are in a league of their own.

That's what the 18-year-olds discovered Thursday when they opened their acceptance letters to discover that they had all been accepted into a succession of Ivy League colleges.'We're still in shock, honestly,' Aaron told The Washington Post.

Part cultural commentary, part philosophical treatise on the meaning of education itself, the book reads like a self-help manual for ambitious yet internally adrift adolescents struggling to figure out how to navigate the college system, and ultimately their own lives.

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