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[MZ1XXXXX] = 2001, [MN4XXXXX] = 1994 Also see this page for Mexican serials For any fender, if you want the exact year you will need to check the date stamped on the butt end of the neck.To do that you will need to remove the neck from the guitar or at least loosen it enough so the date can be seen.The Fender Jaguar was introduced in Fender literature in 1962.The Jaguar featured a body shape similar to the Jazzmaster and shared the Jazzmaster bridge and vibrato with the addition of a mechanical string mute and was the first fender to feature 22 frets on the fingerboard.Perfect for garage rock and other styles that thrive on nonconformity, the Mustang 90 offers a distinctive take on a classic model.With upgraded features, unique aesthetics and fat Fender sound, this...

The next year, it introduced the innovative Bass VI, a true six-string bass guitar tuned an octave low.

In addition, the previously released Johnny Marr Jaguar model is now available in limited edition black and features an updated bridge with Mustang saddles and nylon bridge-post inserts for improved stability.

If you have a Fender Jag-Stang use the Serial Lookup Tool in the Registry: Fender Jag-Stang Serial Number Lookup Tool For other Japan made Fender guitars see this page: Japanese Serial Number Dates and this japan page For those american made Fenders guitars see this page: American Serial Number Dates Mexican made guitars generally follow the following rules: ex MN812323 – the first 3 characters are whats important [M] = made in Mexico [N] = 90’s (Z means zero for 2000, etc…) [8] = year 8 = Mexico 1998 more examples…

The Fender Mustang was The goal of the Mustang was to create a mid-range model somewhere between a student model and a professional.

The Mustang was a popular choice of 1980's grunge bands and available until 1982.