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Check out clips of a heron rearranging its eggs (egg laying) and the first heron chicks of 2016 (hatching) under "What to watch for and how to interpret what you see".

The colony, located behind Park Board offices in Stanley Park, is home to about 100 active nests which produced 175 fledgling herons in 2015.

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The heron cam provides the ultimate close-up view of one of North America’s largest urban colonies of Pacific Great Blue Herons, a species at risk.

Chicks take their first clumsy flights between branches and nearby trees, and often glide down to the ground before their first true flights.

The Vancouver Park Board, along with our friends at Stanley Park Ecology Society, help sustain the heron population through monitoring, stewardship, and education.

We hope that you enjoy watching this osprey family and continue to submit your questions here or in the Osprey Cam comments.

Adult ospreys can be difficult to tell apart, but there are subtle differences between the sexes.